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Oh, you're still here!

Then, let me tell you a bit about myself :)

Like many, I discovered design as a career thanks to a bootlegged version of Photoshop. It was the last year of doing my Master’s in Biochemistry when one of my best friends disrupt the old school belief that you can’t make a career out of art and showed me how to earn a living designing.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, I moved to Los Angeles to get an MS in Biochemistry at UCLA. I graduated and decided to join a media agency as an entry-level blogger; while teaching a lab class at night at the university. Always passionate about creating stuff, I self-taught my way to becoming a designer, practicing extensively every day after work.


With 10+ years now working in the industry, I have had the opportunity to work with a broad number of clients, brands, and agencies. Currently, I'm designing solutions at GOAT. Previously, I helped the team at Fair deliver an end-to-end process of getting a car right on your phone. Also, I was able to establish and spearhead design at Brand Knew. I'm always striving to help teams create experiences that help improve people’s lives.

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